07 July, 2009

Intel might be working on Six-Core CPU - Update

And the rumors begin about Intel’s next move. After the interesting replacement of the Core i7 940 with the i7 950, many have begun to think that Intel might be slimming down its i7 Line.

According to a post from Bit-Tech this could be in preparation for a Six-Core Nehalem for the 1366 socket. But I have to wonder if this makes sense for Intel.

If you think about it six cores puts them at the same level as AMD’s Istanbul at the top end. Why would Intel want to move in that direction?
It seems more reasonable that a six-core CPU would be in the i5 line and an eight-core CPU will grace the i7.

Granted only time will tell here but I do not see Intel playing the game of core matching with AMD.

I have been informed that Intel announced the Gulftown 6-core Nehalem some time ago as a 32nm CPU due out in 2010. I was incorrect in my assumption that Nehalem would skip over 6 cores and head right to eight.

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