03 September, 2011

AMD Radeon HD 6700 Specifications Revealed

Finally, the long-awaited turn up, a new graphics card from AMD that has become a byword among many finally revealed. After some time ago to tell if the party will issue a graphics card AMD Radeon HD 6000 series specifications this time one of them has been leaked to the public that shows if the specifications of the graphics card is experiencing a major reshuffle of the previous HD 5800 series although not yet officially launched by AMD. Graphics card is the Radeon HD 6750 and HD 6770.

For the Radeon HD 6750 has similar specs to the Radeon HD 5850 as posted on the Core Clock speed of 725 MHz, Memory Clock 1000 MHz, ROP 32, and Memory Bandwidth 128.0 GB / s. But unfortunately in some aspects of the elbow has decreased significantly, it is coming down on the Stream Processor and Texture Units. The decline does not appear to affect the segmentation if the HD 6750 HD 5850 installed a replacement.

As for the Radeon HD 6770 series, code Barts XT Core Clock in the leak has mounted higher than the HD 5870 is 900 MHz, but for Shader, ROP and Memory Buses are still the same. Unfortunately, as with the HD 6750, there were declines in several places such as the Texture Units, Pixel filtrate, and even occur on the Memory Clock.

For both the power consumption of the HD 6700 series graphics cards installed more friendly than the previous series. HD 6770 only has a TDP of 146W with 23W power consumption when idle while the HD 6750 has a TDP of 116W with a power usage of just 20W when idle. It seems only requires a 2-pin connector PCI-e only eh?

Of course, it all just mere rumors, true or not is still unknown. But if the right specification will be like that? Hemm .. Congratulations to assess. Just wait and see.

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