25 July, 2009

Opera 10 beta is available for Download

Earlier today, the Opera desktop team announced the availability of the Opera 10 beta which is the latest build of the Opera browser.

This new build of Opera comes packed with a lot of new features, a fresh look and feel that is much pleasing and smoother than any of the other previous looks, and enhanced speed and performance. Plus it also marks a two-digit version milestone for the Opera browser.

The biggest new feature in Opera 10 beta is Opera Turbo. a state-of-the-art compression technology

introduced in Alpha, which speeds up the loading of web-pages and helps the users on dial up make the most out of their Internet connection.

Other features include:

  • An Interface-lift - Opera 10 has got a new look and feel, designed by a world-renowned designer.
  • New visual tabs - New version has a resizable tab bar, with thumbnail preview of open tabs.
  • Better Speed Dial - The most popular feature of Opera is now fully customizable.
  • Inline spell-checker - Opera might be late on this one but a fully featured spell-checker is finally here.
  • Developer tools - Dragonfly makes it easy for developers to test and debug their websites.

And many more.

Opera has always been praised for the simplicity it offers and perhaps with Opera 10, it will evolve into a full-featured mainstream web browser like Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

The first beta for Opera 10 is now available for download for all major OS platforms including Windows, Mac and Linux. Download Opera 10 beta now.

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