29 August, 2009

Download Free Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009 License Key

Follow the steps below to get your free Kaspersky license for 6 months, and then extend it to 9 months.
1. Visit the Kaspersky India promotion page.
2. Fill the form by entering your company name, phone number, email, contact name, address and PIN code. You can fake your information, but make sure you enter correct email address because your free KAV 2009 key will be sent there.
3. You should now receive your free KAV 2009 key within a week.
This key will be only valid for 6 months. To get it for 9 months, register twice for the promotion (using different email address) and get two 6 months KAV 2009 keys. Once you activate you first key, use it for 3 months and then activate the new one because the shelf life of these promotion keys is 3 months. This way you get 3 + 6 months of free KAV 2009!
DO NOT activate both at the same time or you will only get additional two weeks, after your 6 months key gets expired.

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