26 September, 2009

Download Files Of RapidShare Using Raptor

Recently, while browsing an underground discussion board, I came across an excellent tool to download files off RapidShare. It has nothing special, other than free users can add multiple links in a queue and download in a fully automated way.

Raptor is a download manager for RapidShare, which lets you add multiple download links in queue and downloads them one by one without having you to start each download yourself.

It’s a pretty simple application with a clean interface and everytime you add download links, it will always ask where you want them to save. There is not much to explain about this application except that it’s in Russian language by default. But,you can easily change it .

It is a freeware and works on both Windows XP and Vista. But you need to have .NET Framework 2.0 or higher installed.

Download Raptor

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