02 September, 2009

Google AdWords Gives $100 Free Advertising Credit

Today, when I logged in my Google Webmaster Tools account, the first thing to greet me was a notification that I have a new message from Google AdWords. When I checked, it was actually offering free advertising credit worth USD $100 for Google AdWords.

From the message:

Dear Site Owner,

Thank you for using Webmaster Tools. While using these tools is a great way to be found on Google, many webmasters also use Google AdWords to increase traffic by promoting themselves to interested visitors and prospects. We want to offer you the opportunity to give AdWords a try with this USD$100 advertising coupon.

What is AdWords? AdWords ads are relevant text ads that appear alongside or above the results in response to searches on Google. So, when someone searches for products, services or content that you offer, your ad could show up alongside or above the organic search results. So, with AdWords, you are promoting yourself to interested prospects right when they are searching for just what you offer.

Your personal coupon code will be given below after the instructions on how to sign up for Google AdWords and redeem your coupon.

It is not yet confirmed whether this free advertising credit offer is for all Google Webmaster Tools users or only for some specific countries.

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