12 December, 2009

Download Deep Freeze Enterprise

While Deep Freeze provides bulletproof protection, its non-restrictive approach also improves user productivity and satisfaction.

Placing no restrictions on a user's ability to access all system resources, users avoid the frustration of downtime due to software conflicts, operating system corruption, virus attacks, and many other problems. Users are always assured of computers that are consistently operable and available.

Building on the power of Deep Freeze Standard, Deep Freeze Enterprise offers centralized deployment and enhanced flexibility options for customizable management of large computing environments.

Deep Freeze Enterprise is the best solution for keeping a large number of PCs in top notch state.


Security and Control
- Encrypt all components with a unique Customization Code
- Preset multiple passwords to be used on a workstation or via the Command Line Control with varying activation and expiration dates
- Generate encrypted One Time or One Day Passwords
- Disable keyboard and mouse during maintenance periods or on demand
- Boot Control window provides ability for immediate reboot
Enterprise Console
- Schedule restart, shutdown, Wake-On-LAN, Freeze, Thaw and Thaw Locked tasks dynamically to take place once or on a regular basis
- Scheduled tasks run even when Deep Freeze Console is closed
- Change maintenance and restart/shutdown schedules on the fly
- Power-on workstations using Wake-on-LAN technology
- Use Workstation Seed for workstation communication and installation
- Manage workstations easily with User Defined Groups
- Quickly populate multiple groups or sub-groups with smart automatic filters or import groups from Active Directory
- Update all pre-existing installation files automatically
- Invoke system maintenance on demand with "Thaw Locked" mode

Expanded Network Options
- Communicate with workstations over a LAN, WAN, or combination
- Support for multiple ports
- Instantly send notification messages to workstations
- Check for software updates and upgrade Deep Freeze installations on demand with the most recent released.


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