28 February, 2011

Download SONY Vegas Pro 9.0c Build 896 - With Keygen

Sony Vegas Pro Is one of the special software for video and audio editing. Currently, Sony Vegas Pro is not a match for Adobe Premire, while Sony Vegas Pro is not as popular as Adobe Premire who supported so many plug-ins. But Sony Vegas Pro has many conveniences that are not owned by Adobe Premire. Sony Vegas Pro has an interface on the panel immediately appear on the screen and features Drag and Drop.

Can even use multiple monitors. Suppose you have 2 monitors, while a monitor is used for editing, while the other monitors can be used to display the video editing.

Below are some capabilities of Sony Vegas Pro:

* Having interface for editing more precision and ease. Simply drag and drop without having menyelurusi file to insert images or video files.
* Sony Vegas Pro has an efficient interface. We tried Sony Vegas Pro software and was able to understand some of the interface of the program in a matter of hours.
* Sony Vegas Pro also supports sound system 5.1 for recording, mix and others.
* To edit a video DVD, Sony Vegas Pro users simply pull the files directly to DVD and deducted from Sony Vegas Pro software.
* And many more features of Sony Vegas Pro. This software is weird, I really like this software, its ability is almost similar to adobe after effects, can directly burn to vcd.

Download Here

The results also compete together canoppus, very light, even on my old computer speknya only 1.2 ghz, 256 mb RAM, vga ati radeon 9250 se 64 mb can walk smoothly, the small size of the file set-up only 144 mb, the effect bagus2, has particularly efek2 that is not owned by the premiere example freehand masking, only the transition a lot less.

When compared with results vcd Canopus vegas win in color while canoppus win in soft images, and this software 3 software vediting ranked best in the world (# 1 Avid, No. 2 mac final cut pro) (I forget which according to the website), this software also able to edit the audio well, I think the ability to edit audio can not be compared with any other video editing software. If you have additional efek2 like boris fx, or magic bullet (in Avid is also there, living in www.vasst.com downloadable) that can make color films such as feature films (though without the magic bullet, vegas have the ability to create very similar effects with the magic bullet it manually with alpha channel technique (multiply), and color corrector), or even the ultimate S, I think this software is difficult to surpass except by Avid.

This software has the ability to perform engineering alpha channel (like photoshop), most of the media (*. Psd, *. cda, *. AIF, etc.) can be imported by vegas including dat and vob, and if the software laen we should rename extensionnya from dat / mpg vob so first.

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