15 March, 2011

Download Norton Internet Security 2011 Version

Norton Antivirus 2011 is the latest anti-virus from Symantec. Norton is one of the leading and best anti-virus, and the opportunity this time I would give Norton Internet Security 2011 for free of course, just info on the official website of this software is sold at $ 59.99

Each year every antivirus company is always vying to make the best antivirus products. Norton as one of the leading antivirus company recently released a new product that is Norton InternetSecurity 2011

Norton Internet Security 2011 is the software that you can use to minimize the risk when you do a lot of activities associated with the Internet. Features include Insight Protection, Anvirus, Antispyware, SONAR Protection, Smart Firewall, Intrution Detection, Email Protection, Identity Safe, Browser Protection, Safe Surf, Download Intelligence.

What changes in this version?

  • Fixed an issue where Norton Insight can show 0% confidence to the file off monitor performance.
  • Fixed not updating maps of viral activity by using intelligent databases.
  • Fixed a bug where the panel of anti-spam could be mistaken inactive in Microsoft Outlook 2007 and 2010.
  • Fixed an error signal interface plug-in Anti-Spam using Microsoft Outlook.
  • Fixed the inability to run an executable file from windows File Insight / Download Insight.
  • Fixed a bug where the background scan of all drives in the report shows the wrong number of scanned files.
  • Fixed a bug where a full scan of the whole system did not go continuously, including during prime.
  • Fixed a bug where the product is reported on the expiry of the license when you upgrade from previous version.
  • Fixed causes of the fall of Internet Explorer due to intrusion prevention.
  • Improved performance of Norton Toolbar into Internet Explorer 9 Beta.
  • Improved grab of the settings when you upgrade (installing above the previous one).
  • Improved usability and performance of interaction with tech support.
  • Added better support for Anti-Spam in Microsoft Outlook, when it works with multiple accounts.
  • Fixed causes of error 8504, which sometimes occurred when running the product.

Key technologies

  • Anti Spyware (Spyware)
  • Two-way firewall
  • Protection against detection
  • Advanced protection against phishing
  • Control Network
  • Detecting (Rootkit)
  • Browser security
  • Protection against Internet worms
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Protection operating system and applications
  • Authentication website
  • Frequent automatic updates
  • SONAR ™ behavioral protection
  • Spam Protection
  • Preventing leaks of confidential information and parental controls
  • Blocking transmission of information

Note : Inside my Notepad file I am provides two part, please download both part of this ... remember when to extract the two files must be in one folder.

Download Here

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