27 April, 2011

Download Windows Se7en XP Black Edition 2010

Windows Se7en XP Black Edition 2010 is the operating system most widely used best used in office or used in home, Window seven is the latest Operating System on the release by Microsoft, Windows seven Previously Beta Version in release in mid 2009 around May and we can direct download on Microsoft's official site, to register first, and Windows plans seven new final version will be released in early 2010, but why Windows Seven Final Version, have them released at the end of 2009, not too late to say, I get the link window seven finals in mid-November, but it need not be discussed, that's Microsoft, which is important for us we've got Windows Se7en XP Black Edition 2010.
Name: XP Se7en Black Edition
Service Pack: 3
System: x86 - 32bit
Product Key: Not Needed
This Version of Windows XP is designed for your convenience.

All Driverpacks are Included:
DriverPack Graphics A 8.12.1
DriverPack Graphics B 8.12.1
DriverPack Graphics C 8.12.1
DriverPack LAN 8.12.1
DriverPack Mass Storage 9.01
DriverPack Sound A 8.05
DriverPack Sound B 8.05
DriverPack WLAN 8.06
DriverPack CPU 8.04

CCleaner 2.21.940
dfxWMP (for more voice in WMP11)
DirectX 9.0c
Flash Player 10 IE/FF
IconPackager 3.2
Internet Explorer 8
Java(TM) 6 Update 15
Messenger Plus for WLM 9
Mozilla Firefox 3.5.0
NetFramework 2.0
Silverlight 2.0
Winrar 3.80
Ueber icon 1.0.4
Windows Media Player 11
Windows Live Messenger 9.0
Yahoo 10
- Cyber Se7en Black Edition theme
- Cpls
- Cursors
- Fonts
- Wallpapers

Note: Please Download The links I provided below, in the folder there is a link download the original is divided into several partititon.


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