14 May, 2011

PowerLogic ION EEM enterprise energy management software

PowerLogic® ION EEM enterprise energy management software is a unifying application that complements and extends the benefits of existing energy-related data resources. These can include power monitoring and control systems, metering systems, substation automation and SCADA systems, EMS systems, building and process automation systems, utility billing systems, weather services, spot-market energy pricing feeds, and enterprise business applications. Data is automatically acquired, cleansed and warehoused. Personalized, browser-based dashboards and innovative visualization and modeling tools help you accurately monitor, validate, predict and ultimately control all energy-related expenses and risks to reliability.


· Manage all utilities (electricity, gas, water, etc.) and emissions through a single, unified interface

· Benchmark and compare facility performance across an entire enterprise to identify energy inefficiencies or losses

· Measure and verify savings from energy conservation projects or performance contracts

· Reduce operational costs, improve processes, and prolong the life of energy assets

· Meet corporate environmental stewardship goals or mandated impact targets

· Manage demand control schemes, load shedding, peak shaving, base loading or on-site generation

· Enable participation in real-time pricing and load curtailment programs

· Optimize procurement by forecasting and budgeting for energy needs and comparing utility rates

· Identify utility billing errors and validate contract compliance

· Allocate and recover utilities costs from tenants, departments, processes, etc.

· Maximize the use of existing infrastructure capacity and avoid overbuilding

· Track, analyze, benchmark and reduce risks to reliability across an entire enterprise or service area

· Validate compliance with power quality clauses in customer contracts Feature

    • True enterprise-level software architecture - Data quality assurance, data warehouse, web framework
    • Web portal - Personalized dashboards, key performance indicators, charts, trends, real-time conditions
    • Reporting - Rich and customized content, support for complex data and graphics, scheduled distribution
    • Trending - Advanced visualization, dimensional analysis, prediction, statistical rollups
    • Energy modeling - Regression analysis, normalization, correlation, integration of all relevant drivers and contextual data
    • Billing - Built-in rate engine with rate wizard, bill validation and sub-billing
    • Power quality analysis - Wide-area event monitoring, classification, filtering, correlation
    • Integration - Meters and other devices, weather and pricing feeds, other enterprise applications (e.g. BAC, ERP)
    • Emissions Module - Converts energy data into useful, actionable greenhouse gas emissions information by applying CO2-equivalent (CO2e) emissions factors to all energy sources and showing the relationship between consumption and associated emissions.

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Joyce W. Owens said...

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Benjamin Romero said...

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