03 September, 2011

Cheap VoIP with VoIP Rakyat

COST of communication increasingly stiff competition with cheap mobile phone operator. However, at the level of web users, call via voice over internet protocol or VoIP still has its own charm. Besides the reason is cheaper to reach far, VoIP has a history of closeness with online users.

VoIP Now, both international and local providers of Indonesia, is technically able to make calls from any Internet-connected (to GPRS, 3G, CDMA) to a fixed telephone, mobile phone, let alone to another computer. In VoIP Rakyat Indonesia (www.voiprakyat.or.id), for example, according to one of its founders, Anton Raharja, technically it can also make calls to landlines and cell phones.

Only, because no permit for such purpose pocket, a call like that can not be done from VoIP Rakyat. If there is a gateway service provider or an intermediary server, a VoIP phone from anywhere can be done. Campuses, schools, and offices can do to save costs.

At the level of international providers, now have tens to hundreds of providers that can be used for calls from computers or from a mobile phone that supports internet connection. Of the many providers that, in principle, calling from computer to computer is completely free. Meanwhile, calls to fixed line and mobile phone numbers still have to pay.

However, at more advanced cellular phone technology, VoIP is now said to be completely free from cellular phone to a cell phone. With the record, the user is connected to the internet (could GPRS, CDMA, 3G, wifi) and use the same VoIP account (for example, had the same VoIP account Rakyat or Yahoo Messenger).

On the site the user http://developer.voiprakyat.or.id/forum/ VoIP Rakyat share the experience how to easily install software from www.fring.com on a cell phone to run VoIP Rakyat. Thus, VoIP Rakyat and also other types of VoIP will be increasingly closer to reality to be a mass communication tool if we want to.

Community strength

Until now, VoIP phone to ordinary or mobile phone number to the phone number is still not free. However, at least some providers have developed a relatively cheap price or free, but with conditions. For example, did Raketu which requires a variety of web-based activities for the user to enliven the social networking site.

Things do not think many people, the VoIP operators now it mushroomed and spread its wings even further by building an online community. VoIP has become the main attraction for visiting social networking sites.

Just a flashback, the increasingly competitive social networking sites compete because almost all the offers that are uniform. Who provides service? Plus?, She can exist. One example of success is done Raketu (www.raketu.com) that combines social friendship site with a free VoIP telephone facilities.

By creating an account at Raketu, upload an avatar or a photo of himself in profile, post a blog at least 200 words, adding information about yourself, invite a friend to join, then Raketu will provide a free phone for an hour.

That's how the web industry right now to reach the masses. Not the user who "pay", but providers must work hard to provide traction. For fixed telephone services to various countries, Raketu attract a fee of 9.95 U.S. dollars for 1200 free phone minutes per month for three months.

Another alternative

Some providers have used the appeal of VoIP to attract visitors. A line of reputable sites that have been long used this is Skype, VoipCheap, Gizmo, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Voice, WengoPhone, Google Talk, Jajah, and more. Could easily be found using search engines, for example, by typing the keyword "free voip".

With so many alternatives, if an office to save money, web-based communications services such as VoIP, instant messaging via web, or instant messenger, could be an option.

The cost is only a cost of Internet access, while the cost of free conversation. If all places, like offices, malls, schools, and government agencies, equipped with free wifi access is easily accessible, cost of the phone was completely free of charge for Internet access are covered.

If consumers, phone manufacturers, mobile phone operators, and especially the government agreed to make a web-based activity as something that is urgent, the presence of VoIP is just waiting for the day. If all the cities there that makes the wifi access is increasingly cheap and stable access to communication is really cheap.

Ideal conditions such dreams actually been targeted by Google with its Google Talk product. Not just Google, this opportunity is actually open to any company that has interest in developing this simple technology.

With a cellular phone that supports wifi and is installed software to access the VoIP and Internet networks are widespread, then a user's Google Talk, for example, can make calls and receive calls anywhere for free with VoIP as well. With one note: the cost of Internet access is now a prerequisite to be cheap and it has come.

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