28 October, 2011

Apple release iOS 5 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Apple on Wednesday (12/10/2011) released the final version of IOS 5. The latest generation mobile operating system is ready to support the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with new features like wireless sync, support iCloud, and the new Notification Center.

Before you can upgrade to IOS 5, the user must have used the latest iTunes, version 10.5 who have downloaded the day before.

By updating his Apple device to the IOS 5 this could be the last time the user performs the backup, sync, and update via iTunes to your computer using a USB cable. Because of this OS update allows users to do the above work wirelessly, without using wires. This is all thanks to new features, Wi-Fi Sync.
IOS 5 is available for the iPhone 4, iPhone 3G, iPad 2, the first generation iPad, iPod touch third and fourth generation. File update IOS 5 different for each device and measuring more than 700 MB. These updates are also available for Apple TV. Apple's latest smartphone, the iPhone 4S, which will officially be marketed on October 14 will also carry the IOS 5.

This new operating system brings more than 200 new features. One new feature is the long-awaited notification feature. Notification Center is presenting all the latest information updates from the applications used. To view it can be enlarged by pulling down the top of the screen such as that provided the Android platform.

Other features that make it be competing with the BlackBerry is a iMessage. As reported previously, this is a chat service that allows users of iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad communicate with each other with the push message. Just like the Blackberry Messenger (BBM), can send text messages, photos, contacts, and even video, and create a group chat. There is a notification message if the message sent when your opponent as well as indicators of the chat was writing.

The biggest change is the availability of iCloud service that provides cloud-based content synchronization. Here users can access all content is owned by the various types of devices that whether it's owned an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch from anywhere. Photo albums of various devices can be synchronized and stored in the cloud for 30 days. Through additional subscription on iTunes Cloud, who had purchased music tracks from iTunes also stored in the cloud so that it can be downloaded many times at any time from any type of device.

In addition to the main additional features, the IOS 5 also provides features that make it easier for users. For example, a split keyboard that new and additional features on the camera application. Message or reminder is not only integrated with the calendar but also to locate the user. There are also applications Newsstand as a place to access the content of digital magazines and newspapers. Safari browser also gets the addition of features and performance enhancements.

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