01 August, 2009

Download Angel Writer : Microsoft Word Alternative

What do you think is the best free text editor to open Microsoft Word (.doc) documents? In my opinion, Google Docs is, by far, the best one out there but that’s an online app.

If in any case you need to open a .doc file, when Internet is not available, Microsoft Word is the only option. Even though WordPad opens it too, but with very limited options and at times messes up the document.

Angel Writer is a free text editor that supports .doc files and comes with advance features equivalent to Microsoft Word - all packed in a freeware which is just 2MB in size.

Some of its features are:

  • Create impressive documents with graphics and tables
  • Easy interface like Microsoft Word
  • It’s fast and only 2MB in size
  • Very low memory footprint
  • It’s absolutely free to use!

Most people who purchase Microsoft Office is just because of a couple of applications they often use, like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint etc. People who just want Microsoft Word to open and make minor changes to .doc files should consider trying out Angel Writer, a Microsoft Word alternative.

Download Angel Writer

You can download this free text editor from here: Download Angel Writer

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