01 August, 2009

Download Sumatra PDF Reader, Simple and Light PDF Reader

I’ve always looked for the best and fastest applications I use for whatever work. And in case of PDF readers, I mostly prefer webapps for handling such documents like .DOC, .PPT etc. But for people looking for a simple desktop PDF reader, I’ve found a great app!

Sumatra PDF Reader is a free PDF reader which is really slim, light and open-source. This freeware has a very minimalistic design which has concentrated on it’s simplicity rather than adding tons of features that are not commonly used, yet serves the basic purpose of allowing users read PDF documents.

This little freeware starts up very fast and is very small in size. It has been designed for USB drives so users can carry it on any portable device.

A must-have application for those who read PDF format files a lot while on the go. You’ll don’t have to depend on web apps like Google Docs.

Download Sumatra PDF

You can download this freeware PDF reader from here: Download Sumatra PDF

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