19 April, 2010

Nintendo DSi XL Review

The larger screens is easier on your eyes and also on your friend's eyes, as they can now watch you play easily. The speakers for the XL is noticeably better than any DS thus far. At max volume, it can fill a room with sound. This is great, considering the SD card and neatmusic programs on the DSi. Speaking of programs, the XL comes with three free programs: two Brain Age Express games and a Photo Clock.

The size and weight of the XL might give you a hand cramp after a long play time, especially since the buttons feel a bit stiff. Additionally, the bigger screen increases the size of pixels, especially with 3D games, making them hard to look at.If you play at home or like to carry things in a bag, the XL is not too bad. Just don't expect to keep it in your pocket! In the end, however, if you have a DSi or DS Lite already, just hold onto it for now and wait for the new Nintendo 3DS to come out. Even with the three free programs, the XL is a bit too expensive and does not improve on a whole lot.

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