27 April, 2011

Download Zahir Accounting v3.0 - Portable-Free

Zahir Accounting is the best financial accounting software full of innovations that are very different from other accounting software. Simplify bookkeeping, accounting, whereby all journals and financial reports are automatic which understanding on accounting theory.

Facilitate you in making business decisions, because it has a variety of corporate financial statements analysis, such as ratio analysis, break even point analysis, a variety of charts and reports an interesting interactive and integrated. With all its advantages, Zahir Accounting Software is more appropriately called 'business management software'.

Other accounting software is only designed to record the transaction journal, make the income statement and balance sheet reports, which only easy to use by those who understand accounting theory, Zahir Accounting is easy to use by anyone.

General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable
Sales and Purchases (With Inventory Module)
Use of Goods and inventory taking
Determination of Sale Price
Assembly Products
FIFO, LIFO and Average
Managing Products with Serial Numbers
Cash & Bank, Bank Reconciliation and Post Dated
Managing Excess Payments
Transactions can be Edited and Deleted with Audit Trail Facility
Fixed Assets (With Various Methods Depreciation)
Project Costing and Department
Print Tax Invoice (the invoice can be designed)
Graphs, Ratio Analysis, Calendar, 120 + Reports
Reports can be designed and developed their own
Reports can be clicked to display the detail transactions
Searching text on the report quickly
Export Report to Excel, PDF, HTML, etc in original form and can be sent via email.
Multi Company and Multi-level Access Rights
Donwload Here (Rapidshare)
Download Here (Ziddu)

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