27 April, 2011

Gigabyte Announched the GS-AH6G3N Business Notebook

The GS-AH6G3N embeds the new LGA1155 Intel platform for mobile products, with the most powerful and efficient processor and chipset for a reliable and durable business notebook. Designed for professional end users, our product includes all the most important features required by a utilization in a business environment. The GS-AH6G3N is therefore a very versatile business notebook, with the highest standard of performance and quality from GIGABYTE. It is nevertheless a stylish product, with an excellent design and ultra-thin profile, as well as a very light weight and a large power autonomy for the smoothest mobility. With its high value features, the GS-AH6G3N has everything to be the best work tool for your daily business life.

The GS-AH6G3N offers all the important features that e good business notebook should have. Probably the most critical feature, the GS-AH6G3N has a power autonomy of about 7 hours, which can be extended to 10 hours with a second battery docked in the swappable ODD bay (this bay can also dock a second HDD).

Then, it also includes top quality video conference, with a 1.3Mpx webcam and a digital microphone for the best audio and video quality, as well as a finger print recognition sensor for a fully secured access to the computer. Last but not least, we didn’t forget to think about your mobility with a total weight inferior to 2 kilograms, the GS-AH6G3N is as light as possible to accompany you in your business trips.

Sandy Bridge Microarchitecture
The GS-AH6G3N notebook supports Intel’s new 32nm microarchitecture and the LGA 1155 socket, allowing our product to operate with the new Intel Core processor family, which brings, among others, a 25% performance improvement and lower power consumption compared to the previous CPU generation.

USB 3.0
The GS-AH6G3N includes two USB 3.0 ports, enabling superfast transfer rates of up to 5Gbs. This new technology will make users experience a speed about 10 times faster than the previous USB 2.0, with which USB 3.0 ports will still be compatible. Moreover, USB 3.0 also delivers a 9 times bigger power transfer, which means a much faster charge of external devices such as cell phones, MP3 players, and so on.

The GS-AH6G3N includes two SO-DIMM connectors supporting DDR3 memory for a maximum of 8GB.

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