11 July, 2011

Doctor Using iPod to Help Surgery

When doctor Arun Mullaji, orthopedic surgeon from the Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai, India knee replacement surgery, he slipped the iPod into a set of surgical coat. However, he did not listen to music.

"Surgery is a tool of the computer has done for years. However, the system used a bit tedious operation process, "said Mullaji, as quoted from Hindustan Times, 17 April 2011. "Computer-assisted surgery has the highest accuracy of 90 to 95 percent, but this way improve the accuracy and precision to the next level," he said.

iPod, said Mullaji, easier to use and provide a level of accuracy and precession of the same with computers. At trial, Mullaji perform knee replacement surgery on Gulab Sanghvi, 75 years, with the help of Smart Instrument DASH System.

iPod charged doctors connected wirelessly via a WiFi connection to a camera. DASH Smart Instrument System will then tell the doctors through the iPod screen is exactly about where and how the surgery needs to be done and where to put new joints.

"Paramedics can determine the position of the parallel between the joints of the foot through the screen with the iPod," said Mullaji. "From a research note that while computer technology is used to help joint surgery, patients do not feel the pain and blood loss in smaller amounts," he said.

When used, the iPod screen shows the position, angle, size of each point and the movement of sensors connected to it. "Navigation using iPod to help the system to provide position joints with precision point to 0.1 millimeters," he said.

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