11 July, 2011

Smartphone Could Help Stroke Diagnose

When the patient had a stroke, what is remarkable how quickly they have expert care. Now, using medical applications on a iPhone or other Smartphones with Android programs that allow doctors to quickly diagnose stroke patients, without first being taken to the hospital.

Expert can decide how to scan with a blow to the brain images are displayed on their mobile phones to be done. Is almost the same level of accuracy with a variety of diagnostic tools in the study conducted by researchers from the University of Calgary.

"Now they can bring together experts to tackle the problem," said Ross Mitchell, a professor of medicine at the University in Canada who participated in the study, such as CNN picked. "The award should be given here," he said again.

Medical experts can be hesitant, with a 3.5-inch screen like the iPhone, for emergency diagnosis. However, not caused by developments in image compression, mikropemproses and wireless broadband data as beeep smarthphone (leading indicator).

Application ResolutionMD called Mobile App Store for iPhone and iPad, or the Android Market can be downloaded. CEO of Calgary Scientific, said Byron Osing number of neuro-radiology specialist at several hospitals in Europe.

Calgary Scientific process images from the CT Scan (Computerized Tomography Scan) and friends server, which then presses the image data to be transferred to high-quality feed over the Internet. The information generated can be used for portable applications or Web browser, physicians to zoom and control the images that the brain scans distrim.

In the technology industry, we talk about virtualization. This concept is not like the results in the desktop display of your work on a laptop PC, or stream music over the Internet.

According to Brian Osing, compression methods is essential to generate high-resolution images on the conditions of a sudden, because the load times are quicker.

"If you only have access to 3G and Wi-Fi, it will take an hour to download a picture," said Osing. "Digital Image is so big and bigger every year."

In that study, researchers used the application on the iPhone 3G, which still produces a rough picture. But Ross Mitchell, said the results are better with the development of new models of smartphones (although with the emergence of the iPad) received.

Renowned medical institution, Mayo Clinic ResolutionMD Mobile in parts of Arizona, United States of trying. This request was greeted with enthusiasm.

"He saved lives on the edge of a small Arizona. Patients who receive care from afar, and they shall apply far," said Ross Mitchell.

This program has been approved in Canada and Europe, but have not been able to confirm that the United States Food and Drug Administration. Brian Osing said the approval process and worked for two years, and the approaching end of the process.

Before treatment, the doctor should be able to diagnose the type of stroke experienced by the patient. Because with the wrong medication can cause death. Accordingly, the CT Scan results are needed quickly.

But many hospitals in smaller towns that do not have the correct equipment. Ross Mitchell asked why doctors try to use this instead of showing the diagnosis is questionable on the palm of your computer screen.

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