15 September, 2011

10 New Features of Windows 8

President of Windows Division of Microsoft, Steven Sinofsky, introduced in Windows 8 BUILD conference in Anaheim, California, United States, Tuesday (13/09/2011).Sinofsky said the latest version of this software as a "reimagining Windows" because it look like were really new compared to previous Windows versions.

There are many new things are found in Windows 8 and not in previous Windows versions. Here's a list of 10 most recent that you need to know in Windows 8:

1. Metro

With Windows 8, the era of the explorer who compiled all the folders in the form of an end. Desktop remains still exist, but redesigned with a design that is simpler and directly provide users with access to a variety of applications it has. The new desktop design that is named Metro contains updated information from the start date, agenda, email, post on social networking, as well as all existing applications.

"Windows 8 introduces a new interface style is called the Metro which was built for touch screen devices, which indicates important information, support and give you the simplicity of control," Sinofsky said as quoted by International Business Times today (14/09/2011).

Metro design is actually not new. Microsoft has introduced in Windows Phone 7 for smartphones. However, for Wiondows on PCs and tablets, is the first time.

2. Internet Explorer 10

Based on the information Sinofsky at the conference yesterday, IE 10 will allow users to search both the data on the desktop and the web through Microsoft's search engine Bing. Users can also use virtual "thumb" and the soft keyboard to perform such search activity.

Outside the browser, IE 10 also will play a lot at the Metro UI. Users can berlancar on the internet with a lightweight version of IE 10. Metro IE 10, so that version is called, allows users to access frequently visited sites.

Metro IE10 also have the address bar and set commands at the bottom and tabs at the top. Metro IE 10 juag private support tab if the user wants to run the InPrivate feature on the browser. "Draw Mode" will help users to draw on the screen while "Enhance magnifier" to help users zoom in the screen only.

3. Modification of Task Manager and Control Panel

Windows 8 also has a Task Manager that have been developed, where the application will be independently list so users can view statistics such as CPU usage, memory and application performance.

Control Panel in Windows 8 was also modified. Control Panel has an interface so seinsitif with a list of categories on the left and the choice of categories on the right.Users can personalize the screen lock.

4. Refresh and Reset

Refresh function allows users to test and compare the set up of old and new systems with the help of a new feature called Windows Assessment Console. Users also can see the impact of the set up software to hardware performance. Refresh can be done without affecting the file.

"Reset" allows the user to restore the PC to the corporate setting. Users can remove programs that are installed but still maintaining a user account and personal files.

5. Support ARM processor
In addition to supporting the architecture x86 chips from Intel and AMD, Windows 8 could also work on devices with ARM-based processor. Nvidia Tegra processors for example, Snapragon from Qualcomm, and OMAP from Texas Instruments.

6. Super fast booting
booting Window Waktru 8 super fast, almost beat the time required by the monitor to light up. See the previous article, "When Booting Windows 8 only 8 seconds"

7. Windows 8 Apps Store

This feature is not surprising because since its boom in the Apple Store, many parties trying to create apps similar stores. The existence of these features will add Microsoft's weapon against Apple. Windows 8 Apps Store gives incentives for developers who create applications for Microsoft's Metro. Users will be able to use the Win32 and Metro Apps to do so.

8. NFC Technology Support

NFC technology in Windows 8 has been showcased in a BUILD conference yesterday.By using business cards that support NFC, users can retrieve a web address on business cards by using the tablet via a simple step, directing the corner of the tablet on the card and take all notifikasinya.

9. Hyper V Virtualization Technology

Hyper V mulyiple allows developers to maintain the test environment and provides a simple mechanism to move from that environment without additional hardware costs.

10. Security Systems Since the "Boot"

Windows 8 promising security since turning on the computer, has previously been discussed in the article "Download Windows 8 Trial Version"

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