07 September, 2011

AT&T Call Conference Review

Automated dial-in without reservation - the most typical. $ 0.10 per minute per connection. Calling all people, it is like most companies do a conference call.

Operator Assisted Dial-in - you will have the AT & T Conference Call your wife. That's "cool factor" but you can do the same thing by doing one of your caller as a moderator for a conference call. Price $ 0.24 per connection per Minute.

Web Meetings - Do not call a conference of AT & T if the Meetings Web is all you are after. Look for differences of the competing plans and see if all the features it comes with AT & T Web Meeting $ 0.25 per minute, per connection, it is natural for Web Meeting conference call.

If you are planning to hold a conference call often, here are some things to consider:

f you hold a small conference calls, try using the features pre-conference call on your cell phone.

The disadvantage is that the "connection" should remain the main bridge on the phone call all the time. In other words, the caller will bridge the caller AB C, but B and C, when the caller A decides to leave the conference to be fixed.

Good for casual users who do not regularly by teleconference.

Billing is simple - you are connected to practical business services, all of AT & T is available and can be settled in a statement. You can change the billing date on your business calendar.

Flexible Contract - AT & T to contract terms that provide for your business needs. You can also add additional features to your plan, make the plan a la carte or one that includes all the features.
AT & T Business Direct is one such conference calls for all plans.

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