08 October, 2011

Join Cisco Training Program

Cisco Networking Academy Program (CNAP) is a model of learning with the concept of e-learning that all the material can be obtained through the Web. The program also comes with hands-on lab with the use of networking devices from Cisco Systems.

By utilizing e-learning methods there are many advantages that can be offered by this program. In general, the program offers:

On-line management system for the delivery of curriculum, exams, materials for instructors and training
Instructors and students everywhere will get the same curriculum materials and accessed by program participants around the world
Emphasis on hands-on networking devices use
The opportunity to obtain internationally recognized certificates
Trains students with expertise in the internet that is needed in the era of the Internet today and the future.

This program has been running all over the world, and was followed by more than 8000 schools in 140 countries around the world, including Indonesia. Statistical data on the program is available at:

Cisco Networking Academy

To support this program, Cisco Networking Academy Program has been running several initiatives that are expected to assist and provide benefits for students.

Some initiatives are:

Career Connection Online

That initiative is helping to bring together candidates for the Cisco Networking Academy Program graduates and industry. The students / graduates can obtain information on employment opportunities, workplace practices and so on offered by the industry. Instead of listed companies will also be able to obtain information about students / graduates of the best for his company needed.

More information about this program, can be found at: Become a Sponsor

Sponsored Curriculum

In order to improve students' ability to compete in the Internet age, the Cisco Networking Academy Program will begin offering the curriculum as a complement to other existing networking curriculum. Additional curriculum includes:
  • Java Programming
  • Unix
  • Essential IT
  • Fundamental Voice and Data Cabling
The four additional curriculum was sponsored by Sun Microsystems, Hewlett Packard and Panduit.With this additional curriculum knowledge gained is expected students will become more complete.

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