12 October, 2011

Telkom Institute of Technology (IT Telkom)

Telkom Institute of Technology or IT Telkom is the private university owned by PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk. (PT Telkom), which is a State-Owned Enterprises. This University was once named Telkom School of Technology and is located exactly on Jl. Telecommunications Sub Dayeuhkolot Bandung regency. IT Telkom is a Private University (PTS), which concentrates its programs to support the development of technology and telecommunications industries. Objective of establishing this school is to meet the demand for experts in the telecommunications industry is growing very rapidly in modern era.

Institut Teknologi Telkom (IT Telkom) - formerly named STT Telkom - is the first institution in Indonesia which specialized program of studies in the field of "Information and Communications Technologies' (ICT). IT Telkom is projected to prepare experts in the field of ICT, skilled and oriented businesses, in response to the demands of the development of the ICT industry is so rapid. the average growth in the telecommunications business sector in Indonesia has increased by 20% each year. the growth of these businesses include cellular-based communication services, fixed telephone, internet and broadband access. with the amount of growth, the estimated power requirements Infocom in 2010 in Indonesia is as much as 320,000. Currently providers infocom graduates from public universities and private universities, including IT Telkom. But the number of graduates from universities that have programs studies related to the field of infocom these, only about 20,000 people per year. IT Telkom launched in 2017 will be an international-class universities that excel in the field of Infocom and become agents of change in shaping human intelligence and competitive.

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