04 November, 2011

Quallcomm Snapdragon S4 Review

Qualcomm launches the smart processor which have power efficiency technology that named Snapdragon S4. Snapdragon S4 which were coded "Krait", combining the architectural design and the latest mobile technology to answer the need for connectivity of intelligent, high performance and energy efficiency. With manufactured using 28 nm fabrication technology, Krait has the advantage in clock frequency, power consumption, and size reduction.

This processor is designed specifically to produce the best performance of the components, such as CPU, GPU, DSP, and modems. For the CPU, Krait has a clock frequency of up to 2.5 GHz per core. In graphics, Krait rely Andreno 225 GPU that is claimed to produce HD quality video and gaming display device equivalent to a pure gaming console.

For power efficiency, Qualcomm Hexagon embed a programmable DSP to produce a system with high power efficiency. Finally, Krait has a feature multimode modem / global LTE in it powered by the MSM8960 chipset that supports the standard, such as EV-DO and HSPA.

With all the advantages of this S4 Snapdragon, Qualcomm hopes all smartphone users can enjoy stability while connected to the Internet, strong battery life, form factor handsets are smaller, and better multimedia capabilities.

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